Following the Heart of the great Shepherd is exhortation of all leaders in the Body of Christ.  Please read the brief description of the book listed below:

“It is Venetia’s desire to exhort, encourage and otherwise motivate each leader in the Body of Christ to see each day as an opportunity to grow further in love with Jesus. For it is in growing in our love of Christ that each leader will be able to best serve and lead others.   Prayerfully  leaders, especially pastors, will read this book,  and it will  ignite a realization in them to  see there is something very great and terrible approaching fast (The events leading to the Second Coming of Christ) which will require them to  lead much differently than they ever have before.  This book was written with the hope that each reader will feel the urgency to find the heart of Jesus in this hour and follow the leading of His heart so that they will be able to lead those He has put under their watch in ways that please Him. Prayerfully readers will see that what has been acceptable or tolerated in the past in reference to ministering and leading others will not carry them in the days ahead. Indeed, that each reader will see that it is only through understanding what the heart of Christ is for them as His Bride, will they be able to lead others well during times of shaking and escalated darkness.”

Keep checking the here for more updates on the  arrival date for the book.  It should be done and ready to sell by end of November. 



John and Venetia will be at C-HOP in St. Roberts, Missouri next week.  Venetia will speaking at  the Saturday  evening service .  All who live in the area or will be close by that day are invited to come. We would love to see you!

C-Hop (Community House of Prayer) is a public place of prayer, fellowship and study.  It came into being out  the direction of Pastor Tim O’Brien who is pastor of Rock of Ages Church located at 15300 Texas Ave, St. Boberts,MO.  The heart of C-HOP is to foster spiritual community across denominational lines, promote a prayer movement and center lives on Jesus.

For more information about C-HOP got to: