Seasons of Transition

October 29, 2010

Hard to believe but we are coming up to the end of another year.  Where has the time gone?  As we leave the season of summer for autumn then move on to winter I am reminded of the many blessings that have come my way this year…and also of the challenges.

This year as certainly been a year of great transition and there is probably more to come.  Seems everywhere it is being felt by many…this realization that things are shifting and changing.  As our nation’s economic face continues to change things it can be a  somewhat discouraging, slow time for jobs and businesses.   I am hearing and feeling that we are not to take this seemingly “slow” time for granted but should use it to draw closer to Jesus and gain new strength from his Spirit washing over us as we spend time in prayer with Him.  “There is no idle thing” has been a theme for  2010 as the Lord continues to remind that everything couts..either for good or evil.  The choice is still ours to make each day. 

So take heart and draw close!  His love, grace and guidance are always available no matter with the economy does.  There is never any deficit with Him!  He is all together lovely, provides for every need and pours His love out in abundance at all times!!  As we draw close to Him, He pours out to us!  We are most blessed and abundantly rich in Him!