January 9, 2011

Season of Demarcation

As I sat in  the prayer room recently,praying for our governmental leaders and  grieving over the bad choices many of them are making (especially the current President) I heard the Lord say the current president, as well as many other governmental leaders, are fulfilling His (Jesus’) purpose for this is a season of demarcation.  He showed me that Matt.13:18-23 & 24-30 will not happen in a vacuum.  There are choices being made right now that are determining people’s ultimate end.  People are making the decision to be either wheat or tares!  The choice is totally theirs. The Choice is totally ours.  When the time comes,The Lord will simply move them to the place of their choosing at the “great harvest”. I feel Jesus is saying that He is using those in authority.  Even those who don’t know or follow Him to give EVERYONE a choice to either move closer or farther from Him.

 Even governmental leaders who consistently make bad choices are used. They are used to put people in a position to choose. (Deut. 30:15-20, Matt.22:37-40)  Each decision, each choice either proves or disproves our love and devotion to Christ. Each choice is taking us someplace!  By the time we get to either the fire or the barn there will have been a series of choices that would have gotten us there. These are a series of choices that have been made over weeks, months or even years. Just as this is true, it is also true that one right choice can totally change the entire course of our life. One choice can put us on a totally different road enabling us to make totally different choices thus taking us to an entirely different place in eternity. May we all determine to make right choices..Choices led by Holy Spirit.  May we all remember that the only way we can do this is to know Christ, know His voice and walk in His ways.

 Remember,”A choice is not really a choice unless you have the choice to choose the wrong thing.”  Jesus wants us to choose Him because we love Him and want to be with Him..for real!

   Not because a spouse, a parent, a family member or even a loving friend wants us to choose Him, but because WE want to. He wants us to come to Him fully out of a heart of trust, love and desire…just like any other bridegroom would want his bride to come to him.

  We come to understand more of His heart as we choose to spend time with Him in prayer and reading His word. Choosing to spend time in His presence is essential because in the end none of our well-meaning friends or family will be able to sustain us in the initial choice we make to follow Christ. Truly only our relationship with Christ will sustain and keep us in the days to come. 

 As we move forward in this New Year may we make this a serious priority in our lives.  May we all see that each choice, each decision, each act is leading us someplace. For real! Not just in the natural world but these choices are ultimately leading us to our place in eternity, therefore, each choice must be made through the guidance of Holy Spirit.  May each one of us go forth with this reality before us and truly redeem the time we have as our world becomes increasingly evil. May we walk forth in trust, peace and boldness.  Knowing we are actually seated at the right hand of Jesus, we walk in His authority and take stands on this earth because of His desire. Truly we have nothing to fear and can move forward in total peace knowing the our Jesus is ruling, is coming again to ultimately defeat every evil thing on this earth!


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