February 20, 2011


2 Tim 1:7

The Word says we do not have a spirit of fear but of “power, love and a sound mind.” Think of it..the power of Christ, His love and His mind..These are ours and accessible to us all the time! If this is true of all believers then why do so many of us not walk out the spirit of love and a sound mind? Could it be that so many of us fail to walk in the spirit that was given to us because we are not willing to fight the many distractions and obstacles around us in order to walk out the victory Jesus has made available for us.  Perhaps we  have lost the warrior spirit to fight! (Matt 11:11-13)  Life does get hard and it is far easier to go with the flow or simple give up the fight than it is to fight and win the victory. Mind you, nothing in this life will make gaining the victory easy for you…you must be willing to do the hard things and do them consistently in order to gain the victory.  Jesus shows us that in how He lived His life on earth..He never did what was expected or “went with the flow”.  Victory is ours. His power, His love and His sound mind are ours..right now but we must do our part in order to walk in it and this involves faith, discipline, knowing who you are in Christ and doing whatever is necessary to gain the victory. Remember we are in a battle for our souls,our lives and our destiny.  The enemy doesn’t want us to win and will constantly give us many excuses not to keep fighting but we must use every tool that Jesus has provided to continue in the fight and to win!  Christ is there with us..all the time. ( Deut 31:6 & Heb 13:5)  Jesus will make sure we win if we fight with Him, rest in Him and move out in His love and Spirit.


One Response to “WALKING THE WALK OF VICTORY – Part 1”

  1. Linda Fields Says:

    Hi Venetia and thx for posting this word.
    We forget we’re in a battle and get caught off guard at times, so this is a great reminder of what we DO have and CAN WALK in EVERY DAy!
    Love ya, Linda

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