April 18, 2011


 PS.19:9 &Ps.111:10

 There are presently many who are active in the church, go to services, in church leadership and seem to do all the right “Christian” things but have never truly developed a healthy “fear of the Lord”. There is not that restraint in their hearts that keep them from following their flesh when things get hard.

Make no mistake…things will get hard!  John 16:33

 Once you have set your face to follow Christ, to know Him, pursue His interests and not draw back in your heart you will be challenged on every front.  The enemy of your soul will not back away from you without a confrontation and a fight. Any weak area in your life will quickly come to the forefront as difficulties come. Far better to stay connected to Christ, allow Him to deal with those vulnerable areas of our heart and be able to have those restraints engrafted into our hearts than to wallow in the superficial, shallow waters of religious regiment and duties. On the other end of the spectrum, living your life in the realm of spiritual gifts, without sustaining a life of intimate prayer and humility in Christ will breed arrogant pride which will  lead to many expressions of sin, some subtle some very brazen.

 In description, the fear of the Lord has nothing to do with “being afraid” in a human sense but more a deep knowing or awareness that your actions are being seen at all times by a Holy God. It is a healthy dread of being caught walking in disobedience before Him who judges the heart.  It is KNOWING Jesus sees EVERYTHING, the stark reality that just as we can see things brought into our focus, so He can see everything we do. Being aware that at no time are we ever out of His gaze.

 We must realize that just because Jesus allows evil to continue…for now, this in no way means He disregards it, doesn’t care about it AND  in no way does it mean He will not judge it.  The fear of the Lord means we sense Him and understand His nature too much to allow us to live in the lie that “no one sees” our every action. To come into agreement with the “no one sees”  or the “ Jesus will forgive me “mindset means we have come into agreement with the enemy to the point of calling God a liar, for in His word He tells us He sees all.   For even though it is true that Jesus will forgive any and every sin, there must be a turning away in genuine repentance that must take place before the forgiveness and restoration can come.  PS. 33:13-15

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