Living In Stability in and Unstable World

May 21, 2011



It is true the Lord does not change (Mal. 3:6) however everything else around us sure does!  It is truly inconsistent of this life for anything to remain the same for very long. Everything around us changes.  Seasons come and seasons go and as this cycle continues all of life ebbs and flows.  Perhaps this is as it should be for if nothing ever changed would we be able to appreciate the world to come where divine consistency is the norm. So how do we respond in this  constantly  changing world we presently live in?  How do we respond in a way that is pleasing to Jesus as we see things continue to shake and change all around us? The paradox to this is that we are not naturally creators of change…we resist it.  We strive to live our lives in daily schedules, time frames and “sameness”. So how do we respond when unexpected life events suddenly change our lives to something we had not anticipated, wanted or prepared for?  I think we can gain some insight from the Word.

  • I Thess. 5: 6 – Just as Paul tells folks of Thessalonica we are “keep watch and be sober”.  Stay alert as to what Christ is saying to us as the shaking continues all around us is called Wisdom.  As always Holy Spirit will be in position to hear what He is saying.
  • Eccl. 3:1-8 – There is more being accomplished in this season of transition, shaking and change than you can see in the present. The reasoning from many e things will not be revealed for some time, some won’t be revealed until we stand before Jesus in the life to come. Trust the Jesus has you in this place for a reason and don’t allow impatience to move you.
  • Matt. 24: 35 – Many things will come and go in this life. That is how life in this world works. One consistent thing we can rest in this life is the Word of Christ.  His word remains …never to pass away.  What He has said to us will surely come to pass, and will be accomplished.  This is something solid we can rest in the midst of the shifting sands of change.

As we continue to walk through the shaking all around us, in the form of world events, as well as our own personal “shakings”, may we continue to live as people of Truth.  That we will live out the truth of Christ in all we say and do because this truth will be solidified in our very being.


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