May 31, 2012

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For without faith it is impossible to please Him, for anyone who comes to God must believe that God is a real person and that He desires and will reward anyone who diligently seeks Him. (Heb.  11:1&6)

This is an invitation! An invitation to come up higher, to come in deeper. Jesus gives invitations constantly to those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that is not cowardly. What will you do with the faith invitations of God? Did you ever think that His invitations of faith are really invites to receive more of Him? They really are if we will have the courage to accept them.  Stepping out in faith involves a risk but the consequences for not stepping out in the invitation are even more risky. It is important to know that all that will accept the invitations of Christ will not walk out life as “business as usual”. Your life will be disrupted..your plans will be unsettled, your routine will be constantly challenged. We are being asked to take steps in the invisible realm while remaining in a visible world.

The reality is that all of life involves risk and change.  Nothing in this life remains the same or goes unchallenged…so we get the choice.   We can either change according to the world’s invitations or change according to the ebbs and tides of walking out the faith journey with the Lord. Truly, accepting His invitations of faith will cause us to be stretched in many ways. There will be choices we are offered through daily circumstances and some will involve making life changing decisions to accept His invitation but these choices don’t seem so daunting when we realize all of these decisions come down to how much do we trust Him with ourselves?

Taking faith steps to diligently seek Christ requires focus and purpose.  It is not something you can do “on the fly”. It will involve putting some lesser things away in order to gain the greater things of Him. It will involve redirecting time and living life different.  All this is part of accepting the invitation to walk the faith journey with Him, all the while knowing that He is totally worth the challenges that may come.

Recently Jesus has extended an invitation to me to walk a different faith journey with Him than I have in the past.  My invitation to come up higher, learn more of what it means to live in Him, walk in His provision and trust Him in deeper ways.  It involves lots of risks but I have determined to walk it out.  I am starting to realize that if I really want to see Jesus move in supernatural ways in my life I can’t do this while living the “daily routine” of life as usual. Seeing Jesus move differently in our lives involves us living life differently.

May we each enjoy the journey!

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