June 4, 2012


Sabbath rest of the Lord” – As we listen and obey the instructions of the Lord this brings us into a ceasing from our works. A ceasing from our striving, our acts of the flesh and a beginning or ability to rest in the Sabbath rest of God.  The Sabbath rest is not a ceasing from all physical labor but involves an ability to flow in the works of Holy Spirit.  We die to our works and “rest” in the works of Holy Spirit. Out of this appointed rest of flows the kingdom works of Christ. The type of works that moves heaven on earth. These are not works of human striving but works of resting in Christ. There are many benefits to choosing to walk in the rest of Christ, many blessings that will never be realized unless you make the choice to walk out the invitation to rest in Him. One tangible benefit could be our physical health. I sometimes wonder how many current health problems we have in this country are a result our disobedience to Christ therefore our bodies are stressed by pressures we were never meant to carry (Prov. 3: 5-6).  These pressures affect our spirit man as well as our physical man. By the same token, as we learn to enter into the rest of Christ, ceasing from our own efforts high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety disorders and other stress related illnesses will find not place in us.  We must remember that we are spirit beings living in a physical body. What affects our sprit man will affect our physical bodies..either for good or bad.

We need only take a look at scripture to see some of the consequences of choosing not to enter into the Sabbath rest.  We see from the lives of the people of Israel that unbelief and lack of trust shut the door to entering in. (Heb. 3:7-11) They were denied the rest of the Lord due to their denial of who God is even after He had shown Himself mighty to them for over 40 years while they wandered in the wilderness.  We see from their example that not entering in the rest of the Lord affects your destiny. Indeed, it was only after Moses and all the unbelievers had died that Israel go to come into the land that had been promised. (Num.14) So what does this say to us? How many promises have we missed due to unbelief in Christ and what He tells us to do?

The reality is that we are called to obey an invisible God and allow Him to manifest Himself to us and others in a visible world. We are called to live the supernatural life of faith and trust in while remaining in a physical, natural world.  We are told that the life that pleases Christ is based on our trust in Him. This is to be a lifestyle. Day by day. Moment by moment and it should become as common to us as breathing.  Recently the Lord has given me this invitation to enter into His Sabbath rest. It involves taking a 30 day sabbatical, including some significant lifestyle changes.  I would be lying if I said I knew exactly where this invitation was going to take me as I don’t. I do know I have determined to not walk in fear, trust Him and His care of me and lean into the truth that He knows the destination of the journey and will reveal it to me at His timing.



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