EYES OF FAITH- Choosing to live life with different eyes

June 11, 2012

Eyes to see the reality of the Supernatural2 Cor. 5:7– The Lord spoke these words to me recently, “Looking at the circumstances is a trap. Divine strategies come from looking past the circumstances straight into the eyes of Faith. By refusing to believe that your five senses contain the whole story, by coming to the realization that the invisible world of eternity holds more truth and is more real than the physical world that you presently live in.”

By looking through eyes of Faith we are open to an entirely new world.  Things that I have seen for weeks, months or years suddenly now look totally different.  Faith eyes look beyond, they look ahead they see past what presently is to discover what is to come according to the Word of God. Suddenly all circumstances and the physical world take a backseat in how you relate and process life. The realization that all things are possible becomes very real to you. Now things that were once thought to be impossible are now open to you and strategies are given as to how to walk out the Kingdom purposes of heaven.  Wow!

I am finding that Jesus is showing me things step by step and I just have to be willing to believe what He says…Yes, take it at face value, and walk out what He says in daily life.  This was a bit challenging when I first started the journey and I am still learning how to navigate my way in the Spirit while still living out daily life on earth.  Finding that there are some simple requirements in being able to see with eyes of faith. I will share a few I have learned or seeing so far:

You must fully believe in the active function and work of Holy Spirit– In order to be able to see and move deeper in the things of Jesus we must believe that His Spirit moves in power today just like He did in the book of Acts.

You must be willing to lose the word, ‘impossible’, from your language – There is nothing impossible to Jesus.  Everything is open to Him and if He showing you something or telling you something that seems outside the realm of possibility at this point then that is an invitation He is extending in order to bring you into a place of being able to believe for it and receive it.

What you can see, you can have! – I must admit I am still working on this one as I have just started the journey and many things have not manifested as of yet but feel I have come to the place of knowing Jesus is not just showing me these things for no reason and He wants to have all He has promised so I am at a place where He is showing me much more, impacting my heart with strategies and filling me with great hope and expectancy.

Walking in Faith is a journey not a destination- Just as we are changed from glory to glory. ( 2 Cor. 3:17-18) So it is that the walk of faith will have no end on this earth.  There is always another step, more to learn, more of Jesus to encounter in order to live out His purposes and see His Kingdom come.


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