TRAVELING IN NARNIA- Walking in Faith Realms

June 18, 2012


Continuing the journey of Faith

I am in the 3rd week of the Sabbatical and it has been an experience hard to explain, in the Sprit realm. It has been like walking into an entirely different realm, then stepping off and “flying” with no visible means of support under me to explain what is keeping me up in the air. Terrifyingly wonderful.  Not sure I mentioned this before but I actually resigned from my job in order to take this journey with Jesus.  He promised me He would take care of me and the journey would be “seamless” in the area of my finances.  Seamless meaning there would be no bill or need that would go unpaid or unmet.  So far this has been more than true.

I am flying on the current of His Spirit while being held up by His Word.

Yesterday, while I was in the PR a friend stopped by to chat with me and then prayed for me. While praying she said she saw a picture of me walking through a door into a place like Narnia.  So last night I watched the movie, ‘Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’.  Many times I get revelation from the parallels I see in a TV show or movie that I feel lead to watch.  These are some of the parallels I see:

  • You must have child like faith to enter NarniaIt requires childlike faith to walk in deep places with Christ.  Child like faith is needed to enter the realms of the supernatural.
  • You make a choice to step out of one realm to enter into Narnia. You have to go through the wardrobe – Walking by faith is a choice.  Many choose not to walk in the deep places of faith due to fear or unbelief.
  • Both worlds are stepped in and out of interchangeably but in the end they had to go back to the natural world to finish out their days there. – Even though the young people were able to go into Narnia they had to come back to the natural realm to continue life. They had been born into a natural world and had to come back into the natural world to live out the rest of their time in that realm. They didn’t leave this life to live in Narnia forever but carried Narnia within them-This is a picture of our lives as believers. We live in the physical realm but carry the realm of heaven within us. We can also step in and out of the supernatural things of Heaven as we walk in the faith realm.
  • The things that happened in Narnia were real and mattered!The things we accomplish in the faith realms greatly matter. In many ways the unseen world is more real than the world we can experience with our 5 senses. In the movie, the things that took place in Narnia didn’t seem to affect life in the natural realm but for the believer everything we do in the spiritual realm affects life on earth. Ezek. 22:30 – We are designed by our creator in 3 dimensional form (body, soul and spirit). Because of this we can be one place physically but still be moving in the spirit in an entirely different place. Whatever realm we live in will be changed by our presence. The enemy knows this also. There is a constant battle for the heart and soul of man. Both the kingdom of heaven and kingdom of wickedness know that the realm we give ourselves to will be changed. We either further the kingdom of heaven or we further the kingdom of the enemy…there is no middle ground. Dan. 2:44 & 7:13-14; John 18:36.

Each one of us has to make a choice as to whether or not go on our own spiritual ‘Narnia’.  We choose.  Jesus is faithful to invite us to move with Him in the deep realms of the spirit but we have to make to choice to walk out the journey with Him.  He will not force us but gently invite and lead.  The journey looks impossible while standing on the shore of “What if’s”. We must choose to step away from the countless ‘what if’s’.  You know the voices that rise up saying things like ‘what if this doesn’t work out?” or “what if I can’t do this?”, “what if I step off the shore only to sink and drown?! Only choosing to look at Jesus and actually taking the step will silence these voices of doubt and unbelief.

I want to encourage all that are reading this article to take the step.  Trust me..If Jesus is telling you to do something He will be there to meet you and make sure you don’t crash and burn but He will be more than enough in every area that you need Him to be. The journey awaits you!


One Response to “TRAVELING IN NARNIA- Walking in Faith Realms”

  1. Denice Says:

    OOOH! I Love this exhortation! What a word from the Lord! So, so good! Thanks.. Using the Narnia analogy really made the lesson come to life for me and helped me to “lock in” to what Abba is speaking to me personally on this very thing! Thanks Again! Love your website! I need to get your books!

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