June 27, 2012

Provision is created in the Spirit realm of Christ and then manifested on earth” – This is some of what Jesus has spoken to me as I come to the end of the 30 days. For those that have been following me as I took this 30 day faith walk journey with Christ. There is more I will share in the upcoming days  but felt to post this article as it helps sum a significant lesson I learned while on this journey.  The following article came as a result of me pondering on the word Jesus gave me, the above sentence written in red:

We think we “make” money or “make” a living by working in the world system. It is true that the Lord does use this present system to provide for us but He is certainly not limited to this one method in order to provide for those that love and serve Him. The truth is He is the provision. He, Himself, is the great supply so therefore has an endless source of supply for all who will trust Him. He is the source and provider of a great supply. ( 3 John 2)

 Our God actually delights when His people prosper! (Ps.35:27)

He has made it clear that He wants us to walk in divine health and prosperity. Since He is the creator of all provision we must lean into Him for instructions on each item of need we have. He is a good Father and He always provides. His provision extends to all areas of life. Healing (emotional and physical), protection, stability (all areas), and all forms of provision including financial. His leadership is perfect and He shepherds ‘most excellently’.  He leads us by His Spirit.  Holy Spirit guides and leads us. Stress and striving blocks the flow of Holy Spirit keeping us from being able to respond as we should.  We are vessels and can only contain fear or faith.  Stress, strife, and anxiousness are all forms of fear.  Each day we must make the choice to live in faith. We will either contain fear or faith. We are not capable of containing both.

May we all come to a more complete revelation as to Jesus being our provision. He is not only the source but is the provision each concern or need we would have.

Venetia Carpenter

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