Hab. 2:4 – “Behold the proud (Haughty, arrogant and obstinate) his soul (mind, will and emotions) are not upright in him; but the just shall live by his faith.”

There seems to be a lot of instability in our world today. Instable thoughts producing instable actions. Instability is a mark of double mindedness. Double mindedness is a character tract of pride. The proud is not capable of living by faith in Christ as the faith of the proud is in him or herself. Since the proud does not live by faith they are not able to live a life of true meaning and joy.

On the other hand, the just man or woman see their great need and their lack of ability to meet the need so they make the choice to incline to the One who is the provision for all things. The just know that they live, breath and have their being only in the one who sustains all things. (Acts 17:28)  For the just “to live” doesn’t mean merely to survive but to thrive! To flourish. To live life to the fullest. To walk life to the fullest. To walk out life in full communion with Christ which promotes a joy that is not dependent on the earthly circumstances. The one who lives by faith is the one who has joy. This joy is not based on what but who. He or she knows that Jesus has each day ordered and guided so the enjoyment of life comes from who is guiding the journey.

Life for those who will live by faith is not a series of random events thrown together which somehow require for us to make sense of them. Life for the man or woman of faith is actually a ‘guided journey’ orchestrated by the very creator Himself.

When life is lived with the understanding of Jesus ordering and guiding our steps (Ps.37:23-24) the man or woman of faith lives each day under the instructions of Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead each days events. This is the life we were designed to live. This is the life of the one who bears the sweet fruit of the Holy Spirit. Fruit that others can gleam from and be blessed. The one who lives by faith begins each day inquiring of Jesus as to what, where and how they should position themselves in order that the plans and desires of Jesus can come forth in their lives.  Making the daily choice to live life to the fullest is very wise. It is by walking out a life of trust in Jesus that we can do this.  Enjoy the Journey!

Venetia Carpenter

Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

As many of you know , Venetia as been on a Holy Spirit lead sabbatical for a time of ‘rest, extended time of prayer, and to gain new strength for the season ahead’.  She was instructed to live by faith during this time and to journal all the Lord spoke to her.  The results of this season has produced a book on taking steps and beginning to live in the supernatural realms of faith.

Here is a short sample of the book: When the ‘props’ (Props are those things we have learned to depend on in this country..jobs, nice place to live, gasoline for our autos, shopping at theneighborhood store, being able to travel anywhere in the country freely, etc) go away then we, the body of Christ, must know and understand how to walk in supernatural faith in order to survive. We must learn how to trust only in Jesus as He will be the only option in order to live day to day as darkness
continues to increase.  We must be confident in His love and His care for us. We must know and understand how to
hear from Him in new ways.

This is my account of obedience, trusting, and beginning to walk in supernatural realms of faith I never really understood nor knew existed.

Stay posted for more information as to special pricing for those who order and reserve copies of the book while it is going to press!

Rom. 6:4-11 – While praying for a friend, the other day, I found myself praying that my friend would have the strength to just let go of who he thinks he is in order to allow Jesus to show him who he really is.

When I prayed this I was reminded of a time, years ago, when I was really struggling with Jesus on a matter but honestly didn’t realize it was Jesus that I was struggling with.  It was a very intense time in my life and my heart was being pulled in several directions. I remember feeling an intense struggle within my heart concerning what I was being called to do.  It was not what I had long thought I would be doing with my life and it was a struggle within me.  I felt I was just working through the choices in my own mind and heart but I remember Jesus crashing into my struggle with these words, “Stop, fighting Me!” I was shocked! Is that what I was doing? I didn’t see myself the way Jesus was seeing me and that was the struggle.  He was trying to move my heart into position to be  more of who He had called me to be and I was resisting it because it didn’t line up with my perception of myself nor who I thought I was.

My struggle was actually against His will for me and my will for me. Wow!  Hadn’t ever thought of it this way. Many important lessons were revealed to me in this revelation.

While thinking of this time I was reminded that it requires strength to let go of ourselves. Strength that only comes from Jesus.  To give up who we think we are is like a death..Death to ourselves.  We die to what we think we are, what we are called to, how we will conduct our lives, etc. We must die in order to live the way Jesus had planned for us to live. There are no grey areas in this.  We either live for ourselves while fulfilling the plans of our hearts or we live for Him and fulfill the desires of His heart.  In surrendering our lives to Him he is then able to make His desires our desires so that we can partner with Him in bringing His kingdom purposes on earth.(2 Cor.12:9)  These are our choices presented to us daily and the  daily choices we make will determine much more than we can imagine. In making right choices we find that as we live our lives before Him and for Him, He is then able to release all the blessings He has prepared and made ready for us. (I Cor. 2:9)

My prayer for my friend reflects the need in all our lives.  The need to release all of who we are to all He is in us. We need the strength of Christ in order to be able to really let go. Only in our losing who we think we are can we find the identify to our true self in Jesus thus moving us into the lifestyle of one who now has the tools to fulfill mighty things in His name.

Venetia Carpenter

Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

July 2012

This post is a little different than the previous ones I have posted. It deals with the matter of men-women relationships in the area of attraction, dating and courtship.  Since become a single adult again over 3 years ago, Jesus has given me revelation on these issues that I have used in my personal life but felt led to write this article in hopes that it will assist and help others who are currently walking out life single in this season of their lives.

First I must say I had no idea how dysfunctional the whole single lifestyle had become.  I was really surprised at how differently men and women are relating to each other in this most important area as most are using dating as a vehicle to find a suitable mate.  From dating sites and chat rooms to random dating and more…this entire culture has become an emotional land mind that seems to produce little positive results for the born again Christian from what I have been told.  I have chosen not to actively pursue another relationship but have gone to Jesus to express what is in my heart in this area as I have learned to do with all other important areas of my life as He is my provision for everything.

If you are a born again Christian who bears His name and desire to live your life for Him, He is your provision in this area also. He is really does what you to ask Him in trust what He has for you and not assume you already know because of your human desires. He knows all about our desires..He created us..But still wants us to include Him and allow Him to show us what He has for us in this area.

Anyway, something I have noticed a lot lately is how ungodly men and women treat each other in their pursuit to find a serious friendship or life companion.  There seems to be a disconnect as to how to apply Christian principles to the attraction and pursuing of courtship in this area.  Seems that loving our brother (or sister) as ourselves has given way to a nonchalant, careless attitude of pursuing another due to what WE want, even outside of what Jesus may have for us.  Seems we have forgotten to ask Jesus to guide and direct us to the one He may have for us and have chosen to pursue outside of what His best may be for us.  Even for those that have been put together by the guidance of Christ there is still a tendency to walk out the courtship in our own understanding instead of allowing Him to direct our paths. (Prov. 3:5)

Just to background to this, since I have become single I have been approached by several guys who are married, become the object of interest of several who are much younger than me and flirted with by others of various ages. All in either church settings or have met in various prayer meetings.  These are all guys who profess to love Jesus. Recently the Lord had to release my heart from a ‘spirit of defrauding’ as one man who was showing interest in me never communicated his interest in an intentional way but just kept flirting in non verbal confusing ways. His decision to “pursue” in this way opened the door to areas in my heart that began to cause problems.  Confusion demands an answer so it can be put to rest, but when no answer if given then the enemy can begin to plant suggestions.  Apparently this guy had no idea as to how his behavior was affecting me as he was content to just continually flirt. I remember feeling confused when he was around and disoriented but didn’t make the connection or attribute it to his behavior until Jesus revealed what was going on in the spirit and then released me from the sprit that was oppressing my heart. It was then that I made the connection. I really don’t feel this guy was willfully trying to do wrong but I am using this example as to how the enemy can use these situations for those who are not aware or have not dealt with inner heart issues.  I have learned to talk to Jesus about everything so we dialogued about this recent encounter with another who also professed to love Christ.  Concerning male and female relationships in this area the Lord gave me this scripture that should be our compass for all relationships: Rom. 12:9-10. We are to be kindly affectionate to each other in brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another. Looks like Jesus is saying we are to conduct ourselves with true love and honor to each other.

Love doesn’t defraud other. Defrauding is when you set someone up for something but don’t follow through, to cheat, to deceive.. Honor doesn’t get at the others expense.

This goes for men and women.  Men have been defrauded by women and in turn defraud women.  Men and women with little understanding as to how to relate to the opposite sex end up causing damage to the heart of another due to previous unresolved heart issues. Men looking to “have fun” with women without any thought of making a commitment to them for their actions toward them. Women flirting and making suggestions to men in order to get some “male attention”.  All this behavior is outside the call to love and honor each other.  This behavior should have no place in the body of Christ and must be put to death if we are to relate to each other as true brothers and sisters.  Remember for those who name  the name of Jesus as Lord every man and woman is either a fellow believer or one who we are attempting to lead to Christ so to do anything that would violate or compromise that person is operating in a spirit that is outside of the One we profess to serve and love.

Guys if you are interested in a woman and want to get to know her…say something!  Ask her out, talk to her. Make your intentions clear that way there is no confusion!  Ladies, if a guy is showing interest in you ( Yes, I think you should let him initiate the relationship!) and you are interested also, give a clear yes or no and under no circumstances lead him on!  That way, again, there is no confusion!  Pretty simple stuff.  Not hard!

If you feel you may have been defrauded or affected by a seducing sprit, Jesus is there to lend guidance and healing.  If you find that you have operated in this spirit in the past, Jesus is there to move you past this dysfunctional way of living. Repentance opens up forgiveness that opens the door to new life in Him.

Venetia Carpenter

July 2012

2Cor. 5:7 – “We walk by faith and not by sight” – We are blinded by the things of this world.  Things are distorted in this life. Out of focus, not what they appear to be.  If we choose to walk by what our physical eyes can see we will only have half of the story so we will always be out of sync with the truth of what is taking place in the spirit realm. The life of the Believer is lived by faith and faith resides in the realm of the Spirit. ( Heb 11:1)  Jesus has given Himself to provide tools for us to live in sync with the ‘real’ world of the spirit realm. If we choose not to use these tools we will live outside the victory the Jesus has promised we can live in.  We are people of the spirit and must live our lives according to the spirit of truth and not the falsehood that reigns in this world.

Also outside of faith in Christ we are blind.  We cannot see for there is no light in us to illuminate the way.  Jesus is the light..In Him there is no darkness at all. Those that love and trust Him will have their way illuminated in order to follow Him as He leads us.  We follow His lead by faith as we ‘have not gone this way before’ in many areas of life on this earth.  Only Jesus knows the way forward.  We walk forward in victory as we trust and lean on Jesus in every area of our lives.

May we all find the path of Faith and walk it  as those who can see in the Spirit realm …because we  can!


Venetia Carpenter