July 15, 2012

Rom. 6:4-11 – While praying for a friend, the other day, I found myself praying that my friend would have the strength to just let go of who he thinks he is in order to allow Jesus to show him who he really is.

When I prayed this I was reminded of a time, years ago, when I was really struggling with Jesus on a matter but honestly didn’t realize it was Jesus that I was struggling with.  It was a very intense time in my life and my heart was being pulled in several directions. I remember feeling an intense struggle within my heart concerning what I was being called to do.  It was not what I had long thought I would be doing with my life and it was a struggle within me.  I felt I was just working through the choices in my own mind and heart but I remember Jesus crashing into my struggle with these words, “Stop, fighting Me!” I was shocked! Is that what I was doing? I didn’t see myself the way Jesus was seeing me and that was the struggle.  He was trying to move my heart into position to be  more of who He had called me to be and I was resisting it because it didn’t line up with my perception of myself nor who I thought I was.

My struggle was actually against His will for me and my will for me. Wow!  Hadn’t ever thought of it this way. Many important lessons were revealed to me in this revelation.

While thinking of this time I was reminded that it requires strength to let go of ourselves. Strength that only comes from Jesus.  To give up who we think we are is like a death..Death to ourselves.  We die to what we think we are, what we are called to, how we will conduct our lives, etc. We must die in order to live the way Jesus had planned for us to live. There are no grey areas in this.  We either live for ourselves while fulfilling the plans of our hearts or we live for Him and fulfill the desires of His heart.  In surrendering our lives to Him he is then able to make His desires our desires so that we can partner with Him in bringing His kingdom purposes on earth.(2 Cor.12:9)  These are our choices presented to us daily and the  daily choices we make will determine much more than we can imagine. In making right choices we find that as we live our lives before Him and for Him, He is then able to release all the blessings He has prepared and made ready for us. (I Cor. 2:9)

My prayer for my friend reflects the need in all our lives.  The need to release all of who we are to all He is in us. We need the strength of Christ in order to be able to really let go. Only in our losing who we think we are can we find the identify to our true self in Jesus thus moving us into the lifestyle of one who now has the tools to fulfill mighty things in His name.

Venetia Carpenter

Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

July 2012


  1. Bernetta Says:

    Venetia, I was blessed by this article. The post coincides with the book I am reading, “The Cost of Discipleship” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Thank you for sharing.

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