July 27, 2012

As many of you know , Venetia as been on a Holy Spirit lead sabbatical for a time of ‘rest, extended time of prayer, and to gain new strength for the season ahead’.  She was instructed to live by faith during this time and to journal all the Lord spoke to her.  The results of this season has produced a book on taking steps and beginning to live in the supernatural realms of faith.

Here is a short sample of the book: When the ‘props’ (Props are those things we have learned to depend on in this, nice place to live, gasoline for our autos, shopping at theneighborhood store, being able to travel anywhere in the country freely, etc) go away then we, the body of Christ, must know and understand how to walk in supernatural faith in order to survive. We must learn how to trust only in Jesus as He will be the only option in order to live day to day as darkness
continues to increase.  We must be confident in His love and His care for us. We must know and understand how to
hear from Him in new ways.

This is my account of obedience, trusting, and beginning to walk in supernatural realms of faith I never really understood nor knew existed.

Stay posted for more information as to special pricing for those who order and reserve copies of the book while it is going to press!

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