John 14:12 & Book of Acts – The Lord has been reminding me lately of what the normal Christian life should look like.  It is a life that is supernaturally natural.  When He was on earth He told the disciples that anyone who has faith in Him would do even greater works than Christ did while He was on earth. Wow!  Even greater than healing the sick, multiplying food for the hungry, casting out demons and raising the dead?  Due to the Lord’s guidance and leading I have seen some of these very things happen in ministry settings that I have been blessed to be a part of.  I have seen some powerful things concerning people being healed, deliverance for those oppressed and have heard testimonies from other ministers of how Jesus has actually multiplied food in various settings.  Each time my faith has been stirred and challenged.  But I want more. Feeling it is entirely scriptural that I should expect to see these things on a consistent basis. When we read the scriptures we see Jesus moving in the supernatural realm everywhere He went.  Moving in the supernatural was an awesome evangelist tool, blessed many that came to Him in faith and was used to show all who would believe that this is how life on earth for a believer should look like.  I am seeing many scriptures with entirely new eyes.  Supernatural faith eyes.  I am currently working on getting my 3rd book ‘print ready’ in order to send to the publisher which is causing me to walk through the pages I have written with Holy Spirit directing me as to any additional content I need to add.  My book is on supernatural faith.

When I started to write the book I quickly came to realize that supernatural faith is needed to see supernatural acts on earth take place. It is like Jesus said many times while He walked among men, “be it according to your faith”.  Faith is huge! It really is the key to seeing, moving and having our being in all Christ has for us.  We serve a God who is a Spirit (John 4:24) so we must feel comfortable moving in the spirit realm if we are to fulfill what He has for us. Actually I start to feel a bit depressed and bored if I am not sensing the presence of Jesus on a regular basis…like every day.  I am convinced that this is perfectly normal as I am a spirit wrapped in the physical body.  My body will not last forever so is only temporary, however, my spirit will live on forever so is actually the ‘real’ part of me.  It makes sense that we would flow and move in the supernatural realm as this is our real home!

I would encourage everyone reading this to begin to ask Holy Spirit to open your revelatory gifts more.  I heard a teaching recently that said just as we have physical senses we also have spiritual senses that are sharpened and strengthen as we consistently use them. Read the book of Acts and say, “It is my birthright to move in the Holy Spirit like that”. Start to walk out in the instructions of Jesus in real ways as He opens doors and begin to see how life changes for you.  I am finding the more I expect to walk in this realm the more Jesus makes it available for me to do so.  Enjoy the journey!