September 8, 2012



Venetia’s 3rd book, LIFE OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, has been completed and the publishing process is underway!!

The revelation for Venetia’s third book came during the time she was on a 3 month Sabbatical that was initiated by the Lord calling her to quit her full-time job for an extended time of prayer and rest while living by faith.   Here is a brief excerpt from this latest project:

“When the ‘props’ (Props are those things we have learned to depend on in this, nice place to live, gasoline for our autos, shopping at the neighborhood store, being able to travel anywhere in the country freely, etc)  begin to go away then we, the body of Christ, must know and understand how to walk in supernatural faith in order to survive.

Life Outside the Matrix is a book that details the beginning of living a  lifestyle of Faith that refused to look at the circumstances of life but instead looks in the spirit realm and lives life from this place based on the word of Jesus alone. A lifestyle that will not allow the mind to dictate the posture of the heart causing it to fear but instead looks to previous ‘faith encounters’ and proceeds with the assurance that Jesus was and still is the provision for every need. This is my account of obedience, trusting, and learning to walk in supernatural realms of faith I never really understood nor knew existed.”

Continue to check this site for updates as to when the book will be available for purchase as well as opportunities to reserve a copy of this prophetic message  giving  timely exhortation on what it means to live the supernatural faith life as we move forward in these last days before Jesus comes again.



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