September 11, 2012

Perspective really is everything.  How we live our lives, conduct business and see others around us is all govern by our perspective.  If you are a Believer in Christ, how walk out the promises of scripture hangs on how we perceive the words of Christ that we read in the Bible in addition to how you personally see Jesus in your life.

When I look at John 8:32, “Then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.  I can read that as a person who needs to be set free or a person who has already experienced the freedom that Jesus offers in my own life.  One perspective is based on a need and the other perspective is based on what has actually already been experienced thus making this scripture a confirmation not so much a declaration.  Depending on where I am in my life and how much I am willing  to hold to the teaching of Jesus that He invites us to do in the previous verse (John 8:31)  will directly affects how much the truth of verse 32 will have affect in my own life.

Being a person who desires to obey Jesus and wanting to live my life free in Him I have actually experienced the reality of John 8:32 in a real way.  It took me having to make changes in my life, sometimes being vulnerable to others in order to have them pray for me as well as having Jesus deal with sin issues in my heart BUT since I was willing to do those things and I wanted to be set free in whatever areas Jesus showed me I needed to deal with, my perspective of John 8:32 is one of confirmation in the area of depression (something I did have a problem with at one time in my life).  Since I have experienced being set free in the area of depression I now KNOW it is true. I have actually been set free of depression in a real way so John 8:32 is a confirmation of truth in my life since I have personally experienced it.

It is the same for all areas of life and it holds true for everyone reading this article.  Depending on how much we are willing to take Jesus at His word (be willing to take the necessary steps to get free) will determine how much of His truth will be applied to our lives (how much truth do you want to experience in your life) thus changing our perspective on John 8:32.  The key ingredient lies with YOU.  We all make the choice how much truth we experience.

We have been looking at John 8:32 but there are so many other invitations Jesus gave in the book of John that all hold the same keys mentioned earlier in this article: John 8:12;John 8:51; John 10:7-9; John 12:44-46.  As we look at this scriptures we notice action words in each scripture that directly pertains to us words like: ‘Believe’; ‘Come’; ‘Keeps’; ‘Know’…all these are action words.  Action words that each believer must do in order to actually have the promise become more than a promise but a confirmation of what has already become a reality in your own life.

As I spoke of before in a previous article, we are Spirits that are currently living in a human body.  Every promise, declaration and invitation ever given in the bible are ours for the having if we are only willing to take the steps to make it a reality in our personal lives.  As we use the keys to walk out the steps required to make any scripture promise a reality we can then have our lives and perspective changed.  We are also able to move into more of the supernatural sprit realms that we are all called into as believers.

It all depends on our perspective.

Venetia Carpenter

Ecclesica Int’l Ministries

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