November 19, 2012


If you are like me you can “feel” when things change. So much is going on in our world.  How do we process it all?  At times it can feel overwhelming, both in the spirit realm as well as in the physical. The recent election here in the US was just one example of this. The past election was probably the most costly one we have had in many years..on both sides.

So much was hanging in the balance, but at the end of the election we find there is the same man in office, our economy is still in dire straits, true marriage, between a man and a woman, is still being challenged, abortion on demand is still looked at as a right and our nation is more divided than ever. How divided?  At last count there were over 30 US states filing session petitions to be removed from the union of the United States. So I wonder how much have we really gained in this past election. Did we gain anything that will truly benefit this country for generations to come?  Many feel we have only lost. Lost more freedoms, more of a voice as a people who love God and more of the very things that have made this great nation for so many years.

Seems more than a little prophetic that since we have made so many choices against the very standards and beliefs this nation was built on that now many states don’t feel we are united at all. In our pledge of allegiance to our US flag we say we are “one nation under God”, however the choices we have made in the past recent years speak otherwise.  Perhaps many in our nation feel if we will not live our lives as one nation under God, the United States no longer exists.  I love this nation.  I have proudly served in the US military.  I have also traveled to other nations and am always amazed that people in other nations all want to come to America. Truly we are privileged to live in a great nation.

With so much going on in our nation as well as our world how are we to walk forward as a people?  In these very unstable times I am reminded of a poster used in Great Britain at the beginning of the Second World War. The poster contained the words, Keep Calm and Carry On. These words were used in an effort to keep the morale of the British people up in an event of a Nazi invasion.  Those words have a lot of truth.  It is only in keeping your heart calm in Christ are you able to carry on with what we have been called to do.  To walk in worry or be anxious would have only undermined the morale of the British people leaving them vulnerable to a worst captivity than the Nazis could have inflicted on them.  The captivity of their mind from fear.

No doubt we will face many challenges in the days ahead, but as we choose to walk out our days with our eyes fixed on Christ we will be more than equipped to Keep Calm and Carry On.   John 14:27-28


Venetia Carpenter

Ecclesia International Ministries


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