January 31, 2014

BUT We Do Need To Be About His Business

Matthew7:21-23; I John 3:8;Luke 2:49;John 4:34

It is very possible and acceptable to be a part of a business setting where you can promote, be a part of, recruit others to join and perform daily tasks of the business each day but never have a active relationship with the owner of the company or the business. This happens all the time in our world and is not just acceptable but somewhat expected. I have worked for many companies over the years.

Depending on the size and structure of the company I have had varying degrees of relationship with either the owners of the business or those who where responsibly to make sure the day to day tasks were performed. I could had easily worked at these companies and performed all the tasks asked of me outside these relationships as the position I worked in was not based on my getting to know either the owner nor those that may have been set in charge. It was somewhat of an added plus to be in relationship with the owners/managers but definitely not required.

This is life in the corporate marketplace world but should NEVER be the nature of our relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. This relationship we have with Christ is based on heart to heart fellowship. Truly, everything and anything of worth that we will accomplish as one of His is based solely on how close we are to Him. Our relationship with our Bridegroom should be much more than a lists of tasks that we perform each day. Unfortunately, if we are not careful to continually cultivate our relationship with Him each day than all the good things that should be drawing us closer to Him such as reading our bible, serving others, going to church, memorizing portion of scripture, fasting, etc. can become just that…good things that are meaningless and serve no purpose for eternity because they are not being cultivated, nor done, out of active relationship with Him.

Those very things that should be drawing us closer to Jesus could, in fact, be leading us to a “form of godliness” while actually denying the power of Jesus which,again, can only be found in active , close relationship with Him.

I find I am wanting/desiring to see more and more manifestations of the power of Christ in my own life and in the various ministry settings that I am involved in or that I visit. Honestly, none of us should be satisfied until we are moving in the same level of signs & wonders that the early church did. Actually we really should be moving in greater works than they saw and did because Jesus said we should!
( John 14:12)

We were brought into the kingdom of God in order to both promote the kingdom of God and destroy the works of the enemy. This is not to be done in the same way we would conduct ourselves in a marketplace business (ie.. never getting to know the heart of the One who is brought us in, commissioned us and set us in place to accomplish powerful deeds until He returns) But instead is to be done by taking our rightful place of authority from the only One who has ALL AUTHORITY and has given that authority to us to accomplish great and mighty things in His name. (Luke 10:19-20)

It is the Father in Heavens business that we should be about bringing His kingdom of Heaven into every place and situation that He places us in because that is exactly what Jesus was about when He walked the earth. ( John 5:19)
The same power that resided in Jesus now resides in all those that have said “Yes” to His complete leadership in their lives, have put completely trust in Him and will live according to His plans and purposes. This is not to be done some of the time, not once a week at a church or prayer group, not when it is convenient and everyone is in agreement with you but ALL THE TIME.

This is the life of faith. This is the life of ‘stepping out and stepping in’ as He directs and guides. This is where true relationship takes place. This is where deep intimacy that leads to constant communion and conversation is established. This is our true place of power! Of seeing the “greater works than these” take place!

May we all find ourselves wanting to know Jesus more, hearing from Him plainly and following Him with abandonment.

My prayer that each one reading this will both long for and find his or her true place of wisdom, authority and divine power that Jesus has prepared and made ready for each one of us!

Venetia Carpenter
Founder, Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

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