A Work in Progress Ordained By God
I JOHN 1:3
The following is a exert from Venetia’s latest book on ‘Divine Relationships’ that she is currently working on. As we watch relationships be challenged and devalued all around us, this latest work will present revelation from God on man/women relationships, families and other divine connections.

If you are like most people you think of relationships that God brings about as being…well..Divine. You know, heavenly I nature and problem free and heavenly as they are walked out day to day. This may never be spoken or articulated but still may reside within our hearts and minds as a unspoken expectation. I was one of those that thought this but have since realized that while this may be what we think or desire the truth is all relationships are truly a work in progress. That goes for those the God has put together as well as those He did not initiate.

While it is true that all relationships have to be worked out it is equally true that the only ones that come equipped with tools to make it a divine and heavenly experience on earth are the ones that God puts together. True, ungodly relationships can come forth and be walked out but these connections will never be able to experience the full measure of what it means to walk in the peace, harmony, true love, fellowship and support that Jesus provides for those that live in faith and obedience to Him. This is due to the fact that it is God who initiated relationships from the beginning so, of course, He knows best how they should work. (Gen.2:18; Gen. 7:1;Psalms 68:6)
I have noticed that as two people or a group of people attempt to walk out the stages of their relationship together that the unavoidable challenges can be used to sharpen, solidify and strengthen the relationship as long as those involved make the decisions to continue going forth together in spite of the challenges. Whether is be in a family where the parent(s) are confronted with their own opinions,needs and desires as well as those of the children, a growing church where the pastor and leaders are constantly challenged to met the needs of those in their congregations or in a close friendship or courtship relationship that carries its own set of challenges that put a strain on emotions in ways that other connections do not. Each one of these will require courage, being willing to persevere and,may times, a willingness to fight the forces of strife, contention and other spirits that would divide them in order to keep the divine connection intact, healthy and in a place that Jesus can continue to use it.
The truth is that all true Divine Relationships may encounter challenges, trials and struggles, however, if Jesus has truly put the relationship together He will also provide the grace and perseverance required to keep the connection intact if we will use the keys He has provided

The keys are: being willing to die to ourselves, walk in forgiveness and love as a lifestyle while following the Holy Spirit’s leading in all you do.

My prayer is that this little article will begin to challenge every reader to pursue those true God initiated connections that He provides for each one of those who love Him. They probably won’t come as “easy” connections but hold may blessings if those involved will continue to persevere with Jesus as well as with each other.


Venetia Carpenter
Founder, Ecclesia Int’l Ministries


I gave this message today at Kansas City Christian Fellowship, The Barn, for Mothers Day service.  As always, comments are welcome.

It is Mothers Day! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms! Blessings over all of you.

I have a confession to make…. For the most part I am not a big fan of the Mothers Day messages I have heard at most churches. They come across as patronizing to women who have given birth in the physical, neglectful of woman who have not given birth in the natural BUT still have “mothered” many through discipleship or mentoring ( spiritual moms, teachers, close friends) and many times insensitive to women who want to have children but have been unable to conceive for various reasons. So it is a bit ironic that I am giving a message on Mothers Day.

I want to take time to recognize and honor several groups of women:
Women who have not given physical birth but have “mothered’ others.
Women who want to be physical mothers but have not been able to have children.
So, of course, my message will not be a “typical” Mothers Day message but instead a focus on the compassionate, nurturing heart of God and show how His Divine Character is shown through each one of us, men and women, so that we can better walk in a culture of honor toward each other.

Gen. 1:26-27 & Gen. 5:1 – See the picture! Men AND Women reflect God’s image. (God is so vast, His character so awesome that He can be seen in the emotional and physical differences of men and women without compromising who He is!) Men – the physical strength and power. Leadership through physical presence and might under girded in humility. Women – Compassion and Nurturing. Leadership through love and encouragement. EACH VITALLY IMPORTANT!

Very important to remember the God is not a man BUT the scriptures are clear…God is a He! God is not a woman BUT He does have what we may think of as feminine qualities.
NUMBERS 23:19 – NKJ = “God is not a man, that He should lie,nor a son of man,the He should repent. Has He said and He will not do? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?” COMPLETE JEWISH BIBLE= “God is not a human who lies or a mortal who changes His mind. When He says something, He will do it, when He makes a promise, He will fulfill it.”
I am emphasize this point of God not being a human because I think we forget He doesn’t think like we think, He doesn’t process like we do nor function like us. BUT He chooses to inhabit us in our male and female form in order to demonstrate His full characteristics of Shepherd, Compassion (Mothers), Fathers (Strength), Divine Healer, Great Counselor and All Knowing One, etc through our human frame.
He has not problem showing His Mothering side:
John 15:26 – His Spirit is called The Comforter. – not The Supreme High ONE.
Isa. 49:15-16 – God compares Himself to a nursing mother in reference to His devotion to us.
2Chron.36:15 – God sent messenger (prophets) because He had compassion on His people and didn’t want to have to judge them.
Luke 13:34 – Jesus comparing Himself to a mother hen looking after her young.
Or His Strong Warrior Side:
Exodus 15:3 – The Lord is a Warrior
Psalm 24:7-9 – The Lord strong & Mighty, The Lord mighty in battle.
Rev. 19:11- The victorious Warrior returns!

In closing I want to say that we serve and love a God that honors women and men. (He showed his heart toward women in that Jesus was born of a virgin…meaning that the only human DNA that Jesus had was that of a woman and He showed Himself first to a woman when He was resurrected from the dead.)
He chose to manifest Himself in the form of both sexes. We are to show each other the honor that He shows us in how we serve, encourage, and minister to & with each other.

Women are to be honored because they are made in the image of God, First! Then because they of the roles they play in our lives, second.

May we truly see the importance of honoring each other every day of the year and not give token homage on day of the year.  Honoring mothers is great!  I am both a spiritual mom and have given birth in the natural so totally on board for Mothers Day  but also see the greater significance of honoring all members of the body of Christ as a lifestyle in order to further the Kingdom of God and see others come to know Christ.


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