February 22, 2013

(Job 22:26-28, Mark 11:22-24)
I saw a church sign recently that read, “How to give up your expectations”. The sign was posting what the next sermon topic was going to feature. As I read the sign something about the statement immediately hit me the wrong way. There was a sadness that came over my spirit to think that as Believers we have to give up our godly expectations. I am convinced that we are not a people called to give up our expectations but to have our desires, dreams and hopes brought to Jesus so that He can give us strategies as to see them come to pass. (Jer. 33:3 Acts 17:26-27).
Jesus desires to use us in partnership to see His will be done and His kingdom come on earth today. He chooses to use us in partnership. We are called to be His ambassadors, which mean we represent Him, here on this earth. Therefore, anything He wants to have done on earth He chooses and will use us (His people) to accomplish. This includes our expectations.
Those who are in right communion with Jesus will find that He places His desires for our future within us, then He calls us into fellowship and partnership with Him in order to see these desires come to pass. (Jer. 29:11; Ps. 62:5)
We are a people who are to expect to see the glory of the Lord come forth in all that is around us. We commune with Him, He place His desires in us, then we partner with Him in intercession, prophetic declarations and prophetic acts to see His kingdom come forth on earth.
This is not ‘wishful thinking’ or hope that is grounded in our own fleshly desires but expectations that have been breathed into our spirit from heaven. Please don’t misunderstand, any expectations that are birthed in anything outside of God should be given up BUT for those in Christ we must remember that when we commune with Jesus He births desires into us. These desires are godly and there should be an expectation to see them come to pass. These seeds of change called expectations are to be carried forth and fought for.
As we embrace our dreams and expect to see them come forth we will see great and glorious things come forth in our lives as well as the lives of others. I have some desires and dreams that Jesus has given to me so have begun to make prophetic declarations over those things daily! Since doing this I am already seeing results come forth in the natural realm. I am finding that what I speak into the spirit realm sets things in motion in the natural. It can for you also!
Dream, Expect, Embrace and See!

Venetia Carpenter
Ecclesia Int’l Ministries


January 28, 2013

Choosing to Really See

Being mindful of the things of Christ is to look past the obvious and see into the supernatural realm. The realm where the purposes of heaven take shape and reign. It is to make the choice to truly see, to take the time to look up to see farther than natural eyes can see. From the scripture passage we see that Peter chose to look through both supernatural eyes as well as physical eyes which resulted in two completely different responses from Jesus. The Lover of our soul is both pleased and blessed when we take the time to see outside the natural realm. To peer into the realm of heaven always brings a blessing. (vs. 17) However, to allow satan to use you and look with eyes of flesh is offensive to Christ thus resulting in a rebuke. (vs. 23).
While we are on earth we are always to be observing and responding not only to things we see in the natural but also using our eyes of faith to look past into the supernatural things of God. Jesus always did this when he lived on earth. We see examples of this many times in scripture. A quick glance at one chapter of Luke shows several examples. (Luke 8:27-33; 8:43-48; 8:51-56). Jesus was so accustomed to looking in the supernatural realm that we find He is talking to both Peter as well as Satan, who is using Peter, in Matt 16. Notice that when Jesus pronounced blessing on Peter for perceiving correctly, Jesus addresses him by his name, Peter. (vs.17) A little while later when Peter comes into agreement with the enemy and speaks the purposes of darkness, Jesus then addresses Satan, not Peter. So was Jesus pronouncing curse upon Peter and changing his name to Satan now? Of course not. I believe that Jesus was once again looking into the supernatural realm and seeing who was the real initiator of the offensive comment concerning Jesus upcoming death and resurrection that we see Peter making in vs. 22.
Jesus looked right past the natural, right past Peter and saw straight into the spirit realm to identify the source of the comment, then He addressed the being responsible for the comment. When Peter responded correctly by looking in to the supernatural realm of truth, Jesus addressed him by his name because this was the real Peter talking. Jesus saw the real Peter. The Peter, who is the born of God, walks with Jesus and sees truly. Later Jesus addresses satan, not Peter, because Jesus recognizes that the real Peter has stopped talking and because of fear has allowed the enemy to speak through him.
Clear precise seeing, knowing and perception!
Our Lord has left us with this same clear perception and ability to see into the supernatural realm. We see evidence of the things of this world ever fading and falling away into nothing. No matter how well-meaning our intensions may be, if we are not looking at Jesus and staying mindful of the things of God we have become mindful of the things of the enemy, satan. As we continue to travel with Jesus in this dark world let us ask Holy Spirit to keep our spiritual eyes open, our spiritual senses sharp and our spiritual perception unclouded.
It is the Lords great desire for His people that we will stay rightly connected to Him and not allow the things of earth to cloud us resulting in poor perception.