November 16, 2015






TOPIC: DIVINE RELATIONSHIPS – Keys to cultivating and maintain relationships based on honor and respect.


WHEN: November 29,2015, last Sunday in November


TIME: 10:30AM


WHERE: Kansas City Christian Fellowship, (The Barn) 8000 Oldham Rd, Kansas City, MO 64138


Be one of the first to hear Venetia speak on the topic of her latest ministry resource. Relationships are God, the Father’s idea and He has some specific ways in which they can work the best.


This topic is actually the subject of a 5 week teaching which Venetia is in the process of publishing as both a text book and workbook to be used in upcoming course: BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH HONOR.


Venetia will be providing more information about her upcoming course, including costs, course requirements for participates as well as sharing some core basic information as to how to have relationships that are live giving, honoring to all involved, based on trust and rooted in Jesus Christ.




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P&D -married ladies- Nov'14

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P&D single ladies-Nov'14

Looking through the Lens of Heaven for all of Life
John 8:12- …”I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me will not be walking in the dark, but will have the Light which is Life.”
Perspective – the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed. A mental view or prospect.
Our perspective colors everything we see life relating to us thus greatly affecting how we relate to all of life. It is the lens we look at affects us and goes on around us. Like a pair of glasses, the perspective we choose to look through will lead us to make choices which will take us to places that are either closer or farther to the kingdom of Heaven.
Knowing how and where to walk is critical for the Believer in Christ so having the right perspective is as essential as the air we breathe.
Each one of us is responsible for the gaining and maintain the correct perspective in which to live our lives through. We are responsible to create a right climate within ourselves in which the perspective of heaven can grow and flourish. Choosing what we place before our eyes, the things that will come into our ears as well as the thoughts that will inhibit our minds and intentions that will reside in our hearts will determine how far into our divine destiny we will walk out and achieve. Our perspective is formed within our hearts and souls but is greatly influenced by outside sources. Since we gain our perspective by what we choose to expose ourselves to. The news media, television programs, movies, magazines and various forms of entertainment dull our spirits and work to form a perspective that leaves the Believer ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of life. Not only do we lose ground in the daily commandment of Jesus to ‘take up your cross daily and come after Me’, but great loss can occur in being in the wrong place at the wrong time due to looking at key invitations through the lens of a wrong perspective.

The challenges of wrong perceptions can be played out in our lives in many ways. The following is one example: You have a place of fear in your life concerning driving on the highway. This leads you to avoid all highways when you are driving. But one day due to road construction or an accident on your usual route you are faced with either getting on the highway or driving over an hour out of the way to find an alternate route. Driving an hour out of the way will cause you to be late for work. Of course, being this late may cause you to lose your job. Obviously it would make sense to take the highway and not be late for this work, but due to your fear of highways you may choose to try the alternate route and hope for the best. This is what can happen many times in our lives: a wrong choice is made due to allowing our fearful hearts to lead us in wrong perception.
Biblical Perspective is choosing to look at life through the lens of Heaven instead of the lens of all that is around us. To choose not to look at life through the lens of circumstances, news media, the opinion of others or even our five senses. It is choosing to look at all of life through the lens provided by the One who is the same today, yesterday and forever. His perspective is always correct. His views are always the most accurate and timely. Each day is a new opportunity to choose how we will see that day as well as give us a starting place as to how to see life going forward.

Venetia Carpenter
Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

Ever Wonder why you process the way you do? Maybe taking this simple quiz may help shed some light on that important subject while also giving you insight as to how you may be viewing life.

Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz
The higher of these two numbers below indicates which side of your brain has dominance in your life. Realising your right brain/left brain tendancy will help you interact with and to understand others.
Left Brain Dominance: 11(11)
Right Brain Dominance: 9(9)
Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz


“For with You is the fountain of life; In Your life we see light.” – Psalms 36:9

Each day brings a new choice. New decisions to make. It doesn’t matter what choices were made yesterday or the day before. Each day brings new choices and new opportunities to walk in the light of Christ. Each day also brings opportunity to walk in the lies of darkness. No one can walk in the light and the darkness at the same time. A choice must be made each day as to who we will serve. Even if there has been wrong choices and wrong perspectives for weeks, months or years of wrong choices there is opportunity to make things right before the Lord, to repent and to live with right perspective each new day. Of course, there may be consequences to deal with due to past wrong choices (and many times there are consequences to face because every choice is taking us somewhere) but the day that there is true repentance from the heart is the day that the ‘ship’ of life can begin to turn from shipwreck to the glorious vessel of the Lord.
In making the daily choice to follow Christ, I open myself to all the benefits of heaven which includes the thoughts of Heaven. The directives of Heaven are now open and clear to me. I have found that when I allow fears and anxieties to direct me I am then “blocked” in my revelations from Jesus. It is during these times that it is the most difficult to discern His voice from other voices. This can be dangerous in the life of the Believer as we are only as good as our ability to hear and follow Jesus. All of us are constantly bombarded with opportunities to walk in worry and anxiety. Whether it be the latest news cast report, daily work stress, the latest family issue brewing at home or more serious circumstances, we all have to choose to walk in the peace and directives of Heaven. There will be times this will involve a fight. (Matt.11:12)
When I choose to walk in peace by putting to death the fears that constantly want to rule me I am then able to hear and see more clearly. I believe this is true to all of us. We all must make a daily choice to walk in the perspective that Jesus died to provide for us. In not making a conscious choice to walk in the perspective of Heaven the choice to walk outside of His peace that passes all understanding is made for us. There is no neutral place in the spirit realm. The cares of this life will make the choice for you if you don’t make quality time with Jesus a priority on a daily basis. He provides directives and guidance for each day through the Holy Spirit. Each day we miss our appointment with Him is a day lived out in wrong perspective and a missed opportunity to walk in His peace. Choosing to live each day looking through the lens of heaven opens up our understanding. We are able to understand things in life that may have been a mystery before thus making us better employees, friends, parents and spouses. (Joshua 24:15)
“May the perspective of Heaven be yours in abundance as Jesus opens your eyes to see all He has for you each day.” Amen.
Venetia Carpenter
Founder, Ecclesia Int’l Ministries

The Following post is a joint effort and another small excerpt from my upcoming book on Divine Relationships. The post includes a major contribution from my close friend and business partner, Thomas Devick. I hope you enjoy our joint effort to give more clarity and definition to the topic of what Jesus had desires for us in Divine Relationships. Pray it is a blessing to you. Enjoy the Journey!


Just wanted to pass on a concept that has been building in my spirit over the last few months.

Revelation 19, Says:

Salvation and glory and honor and power belong to the Lord our God!

And Jesus says all things that have been given to him, are ours in His name Hebrews 12:1-3 (we being his brothers and sisters, and an intimate part of His eternal family). Therefore these qualities are a part of our divine spiritual DNA as well.

And much of the sin in our lives (that continually dogs our steps, and tangles up our feet–) resides in our failure to experience this realm. When we fail to pursue this realm whole heartedly, even ferociously, and thus fail to freely abide in this realm which can and should be our dominating force and identity linking us to our heavenly nature and eternal family, we miss out on so much the Father has desired to give us.

The option of not being demonstrably linked to our heavenly and eternal nature, is that we are dominated by our earthly, carnal nature, that has not been redeemed, renewed, transformed, or set free. Our default nature is still living in the place of bondage, captivity, with brokenness of heart (Isaiah 61:1-3), which includes, confusion, depression, ego, pride, anger, bitterness, jealousy, entitlement or worse), and this is our default nature when we walk in the unbelief, and choose to refuse to enter into the full realm of who He really is, and who we really are.

Instead of continually renewing our minds in the realm of Glory, Honor and Power … we often have many replacement ideas, fancies, pursuits, and habits (e.g., movies, videos, novels, TV, hobbies, etc.) that draw us away from His Glory and consume our time and attention away from our divine calling, and that seems to push us out of our eternal inheritance, and position of ruling and reigning with Christ in heavenly places. As a result, we don’t often represent our King and Heavenly Lord as well as He deserves, and don’t communicate His Love, Grace and Mercy, and His Powerful Leadership and Blessings as we have been ordained and commissioned to do. This leaves us empty and devoid of the powerful intimacy He has provided for us.

The awesome and wonderful good news is this is a completely correctable condition. Jesus has provided us full access to His glory, His Honor and His Power! Due to our place in Him we are invited to enjoy glory in our relationship with Him as well as with one another. Truly, we are changed by our communion with Jesus as well as the Divine Connections He places us in.

May the LORD of Glory, Honor, and Power draw us into our full inheritance in Him. Amen!

Love to you in Jesus Christ.

Thomas Devick and Venetia Carpenter
Thomas  & me  2 - July 29'14

Zech. 4:6; Eccl. 3:11

I was chatting with a new friend recently. Like myself, she is a Believer, social, attractive and successful in her career ventures. Like myself, she is single but no longer a “20 or 30 something”. The conversation soon turned to relationships. As we continued the chat she made mention that she had decided to change her behavior in order to open the door for more men to come into her life. We discussed online dating sites, making herself more attractive, being more outgoing and other reasonable ways in order to draw more men into her social world. None of the things we chatted about were wrong but as we continued our talk something seemed to be missing.
It suddenly occurred to me that what was missing from the conversation. There was no mention of how Jesus played into her single life as a woman who is looking for male friendship and ultimately, her life mate. The fact that Jesus can and often does, work in the lives of those who love Him to bring good people into our lives was missing from her story.
Online social networks, church single groups, various support groups and making yourself more approachable are all great resources but outside of the Lord’s leading and guidance they will only lead to disappointment, wrong relationships and more loneliness. The harsh truth is that so many people, both in and outside, the church lead very lonely lives. This can be especially painful in the area of man/women relationships.
Sometimes it seems we forget that Jesus can and many times does work in our lives to bring just the right people into our lives at just the right time…if we will trust Him to do so. (Isa.30:18… “For the Lord is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for Him.”)
Divine Relationships are like choosing the right foods for our bodies. If we eat the right foods we edify our bodies toward health and vibrancy. Relationships that Jesus puts us into are “good food” for our soul and spirit.

I am not saying that we should not do our part to make connections happen in our daily lives but just keep in mind that He is the author of all that is good in our lives, including connections, and really desires to bring about abundant blessings and opportunities in each life that loves Him IF we will partner with Him, not lean on our own understanding of how to get people into our lives and then be willing to wait on His timing. I have seen this happen in my life numerous times. (Prov. 3:5-7)
Over the years Jesus has brought many people into my life. Besides my family members, He has brought: Spiritual sons and daughters, key business connections, wonderful ministry connections and wonderful friendships. One dear friend, Thomas Devick, comes to mind when I think of divine connections and supernatural ways Jesus both puts us and keeps us in relationships by His design.

Putting those that love Him in places that are a blessing and that give Him glory is our Lord’s specialty! Relationships are places. He is just waiting for us to acknowledge Him, partner with Him in prayer, and watch Him open up places for us that we could never have worked out, including and especially in the area of our relationships with others. (John 14:1-3)
Good things really do come to those who will wait, trust, pray and believe on the One who always brings more than we can imagine or think. Including Relationships.

“You are not responsible for figuring out how to pull off God’s vision for your life. You are responsible to do what you know to do, what you can do. And then you must wait.” From the book, ‘Visioneering’ by Andy Stanley.


Venetia Carpenter
Ecclesia Int’l Ministries